Monarch’s Telehealth Service is Simple, Convenient and Private

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced health care to lean on telehealth services in order to continue providing vital mental health programs. Monarch has offered the telehealth option to individuals supported for over eight years and the format has proven to be convenient and easy to use.

Monarch uses the platform, which enables the provider and the person supported, with internet access, to talk via a personal device such as a laptop computer, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. One key benefit to the telehealth experience is the individual’s ability to choose a comfortable, private location while connecting with the provider.

Chief Information Officer Dave Brown explained that the telehealth platform provides health care providers with a link to share with the person supported, which leads them directly to the provider’s “virtual waiting room” and to their scheduled appointment. The system safeguards privacy and adheres to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards and conveniently there is no additional app to download.

A “Virtual Appointment Check-In” link now exists on also been added to the homepage for quick and easy patient access.

Desiree Matthews, PMHNP-BC, a nurse practitioner in Monarch’s Mecklenburg County outpatient office, sees a number of benefits to the telehealth option. Matthews’ individuals supported using the telehealth option are provided digital mental health resources in the virtual waiting room. She also posted a video providing guidelines on how to best communicate during the telehealth session when patients may be discussing sensitive information related to any behavioral or physical side effects experienced from medication.

Matthews agrees that the transition to telehealth has been simple and with positive outcomes.

“I want the people we support to be relaxed and comfortable with telehealth. Telehealth alleviates a number of barriers to care and provides the opportunity to see their provider from the comfort of their own home,” she observed.

One person supported who, prior to the pandemic, visited Matthews for in-person appointments, said she has enjoyed using telehealth and that her anxiety has decreased by being able to maintain appointments virtually from her home.

Once the person supported is connected with the provider, icons appear at the bottom of the screen allowing screen, volume and view adjustment options.

Walk-in patients should call to schedule an appointment before visiting one of Monarch’s outpatient offices. Currently, Monarch is seeing new patients at its outpatient offices by telephone appointment only. Any individual in need of an appointment should call (866) 272-7826.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) points out reasons why it’s important to keep seeing your health care provider even while the state’s stay-at-home order is in effect to slow the spread of COVID-19. Across North Carolina, insurance companies, including Medicaid and Medicare, are covering telehealth visits. Learn more about the telehealth service by watching this video.

For updated information about Monarch’s sites and services, please visit the COVID-19 Safety Alerts page.

Posted on: Tuesday April 7, 2020