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Patient Rights

At Monarch, we believe all patients deserve the right to fair, equitable and respectful health care that is free from discrimination. You have the right to feel safe, seen and heard as a patient and partner in your care.  

Your rights as a patient are outlined in Monarch’s Patient Rights & Responsibilities Handbook and our staff is happy to talk with you about your rights at any time.  

Because Monarch is accredited by The Joint Commission, we also encourage you to Speak Up™ Against Discrimination if you feel you have experienced discrimination in care based on access to care or lack of resources, age, education level, gender identity or expression, geographic location, language, physical or mental ability, race or ethnicity, religion or culture, sexual orientation, and social and/or economic status. 

If you feel you have experienced discrimination, we encourage you to:  

  • Contact Monarch directly to notify us of your experience. Contact our toll free suggestion/concern line at (800) 342-1598 or email [email protected]. This phone line is monitored daily and someone will contact you. If you are uncomfortable leaving your name and number, feel free to leave your suggestion/concern anonymously, but we must have contact information so that we can follow up with you.

    You can also submit a concern, using our web-based feedback form. Once you complete and submit the form, it will be sent to a Monarch team member. If you choose to add your name and contact number, someone will follow up with you.

    We work diligently to address all requests and follow up on all concerns. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, please let us know. You may call (866) 272-7826 or email [email protected]. 

Speak Up™ Against Discrimination (English Version)

Speak Up™ Against Discrimination (Spanish Version)

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