Refer to Monarch

Making a Referral to Monarch

Thank you for entrusting the care of your patients to Monarch. To assist you in making seamless referrals to the appropriate Monarch service or program, we have provided a summary of our key programs and how to refer to each below.  If there’s ever any doubt or confusion about how to refer to Monarch, please call (866) 272-7826 and a member of our customer service team will assist you. 

Monarch’s Outpatient Services

Psychotherapy and psychiatric medication management services are provided from one of Monarch’s behavioral health offices OR virtually from one’s home. The initial visit includes registration and a comprehensive clinical assessment by a licensed therapist/clinician. Details on insurance accepted may be found on our website.  

No referral is required to begin outpatient services. Through our Open Access process, the individual interested in services can call us at (866) 272-7826 or walk-in to the nearest outpatient office for a virtual, same-day initial assessment to begin services. Open Access is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. If walking in, note that our offices are closed for lunch from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

For hospitals requiring a follow up within 7 days of expected discharge:

To request a hospital discharge appointment for an individual, please use our online referral form. 

Please be prepared to provide the following information (documents can be safely uploaded with the online form):

  • Your name, the hospital/facility you’re calling from, and a phone number/email address where we can reach you.  
  • Patient’s first and last name, gender, full date of birth, a current phone number and address (if applicable), and the type of insurance they have.  
  • Details about hospital admission and tentative discharge dates, type of stay/service received, and voluntary/involuntary commitment status. 
  • A copy of the patient’s face sheet, history & physical, and medication list.

Monarch’s Enhanced and Community-Based Services

Monarch provides enhanced services in various regions of North Carolina, including:

  • Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT – adults)
  • Community Support Team (CST – adults)
  • Individual Placement and Support – Supported Employment (IPS-SE – ages 16+)
  • Peer Support (adults)
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR – adults)
  • Intensive In-Home Services (IIHS – ages 3-20)

These services may be covered by NC Medicaid and/or State funds. Please use the online referral form above to make a referral

The SECU Youth Crisis Center, a Monarch Program

Located in Charlotte, NC, this facility-based crisis center provides short-term treatment and stabilization in a secure setting for children and adolescents ages 6-17 who are experiencing an acute, psychiatric crisis. These services may be covered by NC Medicaid, Health Choice and BCBS. Please refer to our webpage for more information, including a virtual tour.

To make a referral: 

  • Call (844) 263-0050 or (704) 206-2342, press option 8 
  • Email [email protected] 
  • Fax (704) 900-6329  
  • Online Online referral form coming soon!

Please provide the following information:  

  • Individuals presenting problem/condition
  • Known medical and treatment/psychosocial history 
  • Current medications 
  • Individuals’ legal status upon referral (voluntary/involuntary) 
  • Results of any recent behavioral health evaluations 
  • Guardianship documentation (if applicable) 
  • Insurance information 

You may request a referral form to aid in submitting all required information.  

Monarch’s Lumberton Facility-Based Crisis Center

Also known as Tanglewood Arbor, Monarch’s facility-based crisis center in Lumberton, NC provides mental health crisis assessment and stabilization services as well as non-hospital medical detox for adults. Please refer to this webpage for more information. 

To make a referral: 

  • Call (910) 618-5606, press option 8
  • Online Online referral form coming soon!

Monarch’s Long-Term Services and Supports

Monarch’s long-term services and supports are provided across much of North Carolina and include residential, community-based, and day programs for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, and residential options for people with severe and persistent mental illness. For detailed information on our LTSS services, visit this webpage for more information, including a virtual tour of one of our group homes.  

To refer to one of Monarch’s long-term services and supports: