Monarch Website Privacy Policy

This website is owned and operated by Monarch (“MONARCH”). We at MONARCH recognize that many visitors to our website are concerned about the information that they provide to us or that may be collected, and how we treat that information. In order to address those concerns we have developed this MONARCH® Website Privacy Statement.

Types of Information Collected

At MONARCH, we may collect both personally identifiable information and non-personal information. Personally, identifiable information relates to an individual consumer (for example, their name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.). We don’t require you to provide this information to us in order to view our website or have access to its content. We may, however, collect personally identifiable information if you purchase merchandise, make a donation, or request referrals through this website. If you voluntarily request a referral for services, we may collect Personal Health Information as that term is defined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”). Non-personal information includes such things as how many consumers visit the website, which pages they access, the information they download, the type of browser and operating systems used, the name of the internet service provider (such as MSN), and other information of this general type. When you visit our website we will automatically collect non-personal information, and combine it with similar information collected about all other visitors to the website. By collecting this information we learn how best to develop our website to meet the needs and desires of our customers and visitors.

Methods of Information Collection

Only non-personal information is collected from people who just visit this website. Visitors who purchase goods through this website or sign up for our mailing list will be asked to provide personally identifiable information. Also, when you send an email to MONARCH we will collect the email address you provide. Without doing this, we would not be able to respond to your email.

How MONARCH Uses Your Personally Identifiable Information

If you purchase goods through this website or make a donation, MONARCH uses your personally identifiable information to process the order you submit and any future orders that you make. In addition, we may use your personal information to improve our marketing and promotional efforts, as part of a statistical website usage analysis, or to improve the features and content of the MONARCH Website. We may also use it to assist in delivery of content that is customized to your interests. We do not collect personal information on an automatic basis, but we may combine non-personal information (which is automatically collected) with your previously submitted personally identifiable information. If you specifically agree to follow-up contact by MONARCH, or if you ask to be placed on mailing lists that the MONARCH Website may maintain, we may contact you or we may contact you if necessary during the course of processing a product or service you requested through our website.

We keep any Personal Health Information confidential in accordance with the requirements of HIPAA. We do not sell or rent your name, address, e-mail address or other personal information to anyone. We do not disclose your information to anyone without your consent, except (1) as necessary to comply with applicable laws or legal process, (2) to protect our rights or property, (3) to enforce our terms of service, or (4) to a third party providing services to us or to assist us in offering products and services to you, and then only if the third party agrees to safeguard and keep confidential your Personal Information.

Cookies Policy

MONARCH uses cookies and similar technologies on this website. Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information, which your computer or mobile device downloads when you visit a website. When you return to websites – or visit websites that use the same cookies – they recognize these cookies and therefore your browsing device.

We use cookies to do lots of different jobs, like letting you navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your preferences and generally improving your browsing experience. We also use similar technologies such as pixel tags and JavaScript to undertake these tasks.

If you visit our website, we will deploy these technologies to provide an online service more suited to the device you connect from, as well as to prevent and detect fraud, keeping you secure. When you visit our website from any device (mobile, tablet or PC), we collect information about your use of this site, such as information about the device or browser you use to access the site (including device type, operating system, screen resolution etc.), the way you interact with this site, and the IP address your device connects from. You may not be able to initiate or complete some activities within our secure online services unless these cookies or similar technologies are installed.

We use cookies to:

  • Ensure your security and privacy when in our secure site
  • Temporarily store input information in our calculators, tools, illustrations and demonstrations
  • Improve our understanding of how you navigate through our site so we can identify improvements
  • We use both our own (first-party) and partner companies’ (third-party) cookies to support these activities

Advertising Partners

MONARCH and the MONARCH Website do not currently deliver banner advertisements to other websites, either along with or through an advertising partner. If and when the MONARCH Website chooses to work with an advertising partner for such a purpose, various forms of tracking may be used by said advertising partner(s). Please be sure to check the user agreements and privacy policies of any company serving banner advertisements, either on behalf of the MONARCH Website or on behalf of any other website so advertised, should you be interested in the content of the policies governing their conduct.

Third Party Service Providers

MONARCH, during the course of its business, employs third party companies and individuals to perform a variety of functions. These third parties may have access to information that is collected through the MONARCH Website. However, all such third party service providers are strictly prohibited pursuant to this Policy from using any such information to which they are granted access for any purpose other than for which they were selected to work with MONARCH, and all such service providers are required to maintain the confidentiality of the information that comes into their possession.

Disclosure of Information

MONARCH and the MONARCH Website may disclose personal or non-personal information in cases where we believe in good faith that it is necessary to prevent a crime or an injury to ourselves or to third parties. In addition, we may disclose any and all information required pursuant to a court order, subpoena, or otherwise required by law. We may also disclose such information to Third Party Service Providers, as described above. There may also be times when we share aggregate information (that does not individually identify any person) with advertisers, business partners, subsidiary companies, affiliated companies, parent corporations, sponsors, joint venture partners, and other third parties in an effort to customize or enhance the content and advertising of our website for future users. We may also integrate and aggregate data from web log files to assist MONARCH in understanding how the MONARCH Website is navigated and the relative popularity of various features and content.

Material and Links to Other Sites

MONARCH will do its best to ensure material or content displayed on this website is used with proper authorization or citation and every link directs users to a helpful place on the Internet. However, many websites change their content and addresses frequently and without warning. Therefore, MONARCH cannot guarantee the availability of every page for which we have a link. Nor can MONARCH guarantee the quality or content of every website to which a link is provided. In addition, different websites have different privacy policies and other policies regarding usage of their sites. MONARCH recommends that users always check the privacy policies, or other policies governing usage of websites you choose to visit. It is important that you understand these policies, as they may impact your rights. If a complaint or allegations are received about the perceived unauthorized or improper use of content on this website, the offending material will be removed immediately upon receipt of written notification. Any alleged infringing material will be internally investigated and removed as soon as possible upon receipt of written notification. If necessary, a MONARCH representative will issue a response to claimant within a reasonable timeframe. In the cause of alleged unauthorized use of uploads, downloads, or links, a MONARCH representative will disable access to the offending material or link.

Access to Your Personal Information and “Opt Out” Procedures

While it is your responsibility to evaluate the privacy policies and other policies governing the usage of the websites you visit before providing any information to those websites, MONARCH permits you to access the personally identifiable information we have collected about you, and to permit you to “opt out” of our collection, retention or disclosure of such information (subject to MONARCH’s protection of itself and others, disclosures for legal reasons, and MONARCH’s current technological capabilities). In order to access personally identifiable information that we may have collected about you; or to request that we limit our contact with you, limit our disclosures to third-parties, or otherwise “opt out” of something that we are doing with your personal information, please e-mail us at [email protected] and tell us what you would like us to do. If you would like to contact us by postal mail, our brick-and-mortar address is below, as is our telephone number. Please keep in mind that to protect your privacy and security, we may take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting you access to any personally identifiable information or opt out capabilities.

Our Commitment to Security

We have put in place reasonably appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and help prevent unauthorized access, maintain data security, and correctly use the information we collect online.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement may be changed from time to time, so we encourage you to check back with every visit to the site. If you do not agree to one or more of the changes, you may choose to “opt out,” using the procedures set forth above. Once the change has been made, all information collected by the site, whether before or after the change, will be subject to the new terms of the Privacy Statement.

Monarch Gift Refund Policy

Irrevocability and Special Designations
Thank you for choosing to support Monarch. Please notice that once you have submitted your gift, it is irrevocable. Although gifts may be redirected to a different fund at Monarch if they have been allocated incorrectly, no refunds will be made to the donor by Monarch. You will receive an automatic acknowledgment of your gift by e-mail and United States Postal Service.

Tax Deductibility of your Gift
In accordance with IRS regulations, your gift to Monarch is deductible in the calendar year in which it clears your account. Monarch’s acknowledgement (s) will reflect this transaction date. Monarch does not provide goods or services in exchange for gifts. If you have questions about the deductibility of your gift or how it will impact your personal financial situation, please contact a trusted financial expert.

If you have questions about Monarch’s online gift process, please contact our development department by calling (704) 986-1536 or by email [email protected].

Monarch Training Refund Policy

Refund of Training Fees
To request a refund for pre-paid training services please contact Monarch’s Training Department at (704) 986-7291 or by email at [email protected] no less than 72 hours prior to the scheduled training date. Requests for a refund made in less than 72 hours will be given in the form of future credit. These services are not tax deductible.

How to Contact Monarch

For inquiries, please email us at [email protected] or contact us at :

Monarch Administrative Office
350 Pee Dee Avenue
Albemarle, NC 28001
Phone: (866) 272-7826
Email: [email protected]