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Eastpointe Member Call Center
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Monarch Mobile Crisis Line
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Monarch’s Mobile Crisis Management consists of the support, services and treatments necessary to provide integrated crisis response, crisis stabilization interventions, and crisis prevention activities for people who are experiencing an acute mental health crisis. Mobile Crisis Management services are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Mobile crisis responders provide an immediate evaluation, triage and access to mental health care resources for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, mental illness or substance use disorders. Our goal is to promote symptom reduction, harm reduction, and to safely transition persons in acute crisis to appropriate crisis stabilization and detoxification supports/services. These supports, and services must be specified in a beneficiary’s Crisis Plan, which is a component of all person-centered plans. This service also includes crisis prevention and supports that are designed to reduce the incidence of recurring crises.

Eligibility Criteria

Mobile crisis management services are available for people of all ages – children, adolescents and adults. The person is eligible for this service when the following criteria are met:

The person or family are experiencing an acute, immediate crisis as determined by a crisis rating scale specified by DMH;


The the person or family has insufficient or severely limited resources or skills necessary to cope with the immediate crisis.


The person or family members evidences impairment of judgment, impulse control, cognitive or perceptual disabilities;


The person is intoxicated or in withdrawal, in need of substance use disorder treatment and unable to access services without immediate assistance.

Priority should be given to a beneficiary with a history of multiple crisis episodes or who are at substantial risk of future crises.

If an individual is already receiving enhanced services, then all efforts are to be made to contact and engage his/her enhanced service provider before mobile care management can provide services.

Service Areas

Available to residents of Robeson, Scotland and Bladen counties.


To request Mobile Crisis Management services please call:

Eastpointe Member Call Center (800) 913-6109
Monarch Mobile Crisis Line (800) 568-9689

What sets Monarch's Mobile Crisis Management apart?

What differentiates us from other mobile crisis teams or similar services? What are the pros to utilizing Monarch’s program vs an alternative?

What is the makeup of the mobile crisis team? Titles/credentials/certifications/qualifications of team members, etc.

  • All individuals working within mobile crisis services demonstrate competencies/ongoing training requirements within crisis response and crisis prevention
  • Mobile Crisis Supervisor available on call to Mobile Crisis Staff for consultation at all times
  • We are a team of Qualified Professionals (QP) which must be either a Registered Nurse, Licensed Clinical Staff (LPC/LCSW) or Psychologist
  • A QP Must have 4-year degree in Human Service Field with post two years’ experience or an AP with a 4-year degree in Human Service Field.
  • One of the team members must be certified within Substance Abuse (LCAS/CCS/CSAC)
  • One of the team members must be a QP or AP with experience within Developmental Disabilities
  • A Licensed Psychiatrist available on call to Mobile Crisis Staff at all times