Crisis Services

Mobile Crisis Management

Monarch’s Mobile Crisis Management consists of the support, services and treatments necessary to provide integrated crisis response, crisis stabilization interventions, and crisis prevention activities for children, teens and adults who are experiencing an acute mental health crisis. Mobile Crisis Management services are available 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Mobile crisis responders provide an immediate evaluation, triage and access to mental health care resources for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, mental illness or substance use disorders. Our goal is to promote symptom reduction, harm reduction, and to safely transition persons in acute crisis to appropriate crisis stabilization and detoxification supports/services.

Mobile Outreach Response Engagement Stabilization (MORES) Program
In Chatham County and within 48 hours of receiving crisis services, young people ages 3 to 20 who are experiencing escalating emotional and/or behavioral needs are eligible for the Mobile Outreach Response Engagement Stabilization (MORES) program. It provides up to four weeks of follow-up services by a team comprised of a licensed clinician, a team lead, a family support partner, and access to a child/adolescent psychiatrist as needed. Please contact Chatham County Mobile Crisis if a young person you know is experiencing a mental health crisis

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Bladen, Robeson and Scotland Counties:

  • Call the Monarch Crisis Line at (800) 568-9689
  • Call the Trillium Health Resources Crisis Line at (888) 302-0738

Chatham County:

  • Call the Monarch Crisis Line at (800) 568-7235
  • Call the Vaya Health Behavioral Health Crisis Line at (800) 849-6127
Eligibility Criteria

Mobile crisis management services are available for people of all ages – children, adolescents and adults. The person is eligible for this service when the following criteria are met: 

The person or family are experiencing an acute, immediate crisis as determined by a crisis rating scale specified by DMH; 


The person or family has insufficient or severely limited resources or skills necessary to cope with the immediate crisis. 


The person or family members demonstrates impairment of judgment, impulse control, cognitive or perceptual disabilities; 


The person is intoxicated or in withdrawal, in need of substance use disorder treatment and unable to access services without immediate assistance. 

Priority should be given to a beneficiary with a history of multiple crisis episodes or who are at substantial risk of future crises. 

If an individual is already receiving enhanced services, then all efforts are to be made to contact and engage his/her enhanced service provider before mobile care management can provide services. 

Service Area

Mobile Crisis Management services are provided by Monarch to residents of the following counties.  Additional details on how to access mobile crisis management services and other Monarch services in these area can be found by clicking on the county of interest below: 

If Monarch does not provide mobile crisis management services in your area, please call your Managed Care Organization’s crisis line or the National 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline for support. 

Insurance Information

Mobile Crisis Services are provided at no cost, and no one will receive a bill, regardless of insurance. Lack of insurance does not prevent access to care. Monarch accepts Medicaid, state funding, and commercial insurance (plans and coverages may vary) to support the cost of services and will collect insurance information as available at the time of service.


To request Mobile Crisis Management services in Bladen, Robeson & Scotland Counties please call: 

Trillium Health Resources Crisis Line (888) 302-0738
Monarch Mobile Crisis Line (800) 568-9689 

To request Mobile Crisis Management services in Chatham County please call:  

Vaya Health’s Behavioral Health Crisis Line (800) 849-6127
Monarch Mobile Crisis Line (800) 568-7235