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Monarch is an organization where passionate people come to make a positive impact on the lives of fellow North Carolina residents. When you work at Monarch, you join caring professionals in engaging, rewarding and invaluable work that create meaningful change in local communities.

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People are our greatest asset. And at Monarch, our employees are the heartbeat of our organization. People-first is the basis of our culture and whether it is people we support or staff members, everyone has a voice in the decisions that are made, and every person takes pride in the work performed at Monarch every day. We help enhance and improve people’s lives. As our vision maintains, we creatively support people with disabilities in growing toward their potential, reaching their dreams and making their own informed choices about where they live, learn, work, play and worship. Through partnerships and relationships with our community, we offer a variety of innovative quality services and supports and promote advocacy, awareness, education, training, employment and residential opportunities. And that’s only part of our story. Click here to see a collection of Monarch stories.

Growing with Monarch

Your future belongs to you. However, we provide on boarding, resources, university degree completion or graduate study program options to help employees with training and educational support. We want you to have the skills and capabilities to grow and succeed. Our employees are empowered and encouraged to plan their own career journeys, but we encourage each staff member to take advantage of the opportunities offered to help them to advance and attain their career goals.

Monarch’s leadership cares about identifying and developing talent. We offer resources so that employees can regularly take advantage of opportunities to further their professional development. Through leadership academies and ongoing education and training programs, we provide a framework to help advance the next generation of leaders at Monarch.

Michele Lawrence

Michelle Lawrence

Community Solutions Team Leader
Monarch employee since May 2014

“I like the overall support from my team and upper management, and that within Monarch you have opportunity for growth.”

kate slotwinski

Kate "Max" Slotwinski

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Gaston BH
Monarch employee since June 2014

“The thing I like most about working at Monarch is working with so many colleagues and for so many supervisors who have the same focus”

Jerome Conner

Jerome Conner

Best Practice Team Member
Monarch employee since March 2007

“I love working at Monarch because the people we support love you. They have no ills and they are just happy to say hello, say I love you and that brings a smile to my face”