Behavioral Health Services

Outpatient Services

Life can be a challenge for us all.

Monarch’s outpatient services offer a caring and experienced team of professionals who help people take the first step, which is often the most difficult. Together, we develop a well-defined and customized plan for each person that meets the individual’s needs and goals.

Each plan includes evidence-based practices as proven strategies that work. From board-certified psychiatrists, registered nurses, therapists and outpatient office administrative professionals—all care and want to help you and your loved ones in every way possible to ensure you succeed.

Open Access

One way we ensure we get people the help they need when they request is is through Open Access. This service encourages individuals who are in dire need of our services and are new to Monarch to simply walk in or call us for virtual options, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. On the same day of contact, if the individual has time to do so,  he/she/they will complete patient registration and a comprehensive clinical assessment with a therapist. The assessment will provide treatment recommendations and the individual will leave with an appointment for the next service or a referral to the proper level of care. 

While this process takes a few hours and is longer than a traditional appointment, it reduces what could otherwise be months of waiting for help or an appointment. 

Telehealth Services

Monarch’s telehealth services provide a safe, secure, and easy way to connect with a therapist or mental health provider for an individual or group therapy appointment. Click here to learn more about how Monarch’s telehealth services provide an important treatment option. These services may be accessed from the comfort of an individual’s home, or at one of Monarch’s behavioral health offices such as this one where an individual may use on-site equipment for the visit. 

Virtual Tour

Explore this virtual tour to see an example of what Monarch’s outpatient offices look like and to learn more about the services that are provided there.

Office Locations

Please click here to view the Monarch location map to find the days and times this service is available in your area.