Wilmington Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)

Living with a mental illness can be isolating, but Monarch can help. Our new Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) program in Wilmington is a community of peers and place of support for people who are recovering from mental illness.  

At Monarch, we believe that individuals with even the most severe psychiatric illness are able to live in the community independently and be respected as neighbors, coworkers and friends. Recovery and self-reliance are possible, and our program can support you.  

“Give it a chance and try it. If you like it, that is good. If you don’t, that is ok. Give it a shot! You will be surprised at how much fun you can have.”
Bradley G
a participant at Monarch’s Club Horizon PSR in Raleigh

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Here you will find:

  • A community of peers and staff who have lived with mental illness and who understand the challenges you face 
  • Support to develop skills to help you find a job, housing, education and/or community involvement 
  • Occupational therapy that can teach you work skills, life skills and social skills and help you manage your illness to live the life you want to live 
"I’m not isolated anymore. I’m getting along with people. I’m getting out more. I’m doing more. I get the most out of being around people. Everybody is concerned about each other."
Darlene L.
a participant at Monarch’s PSR in Lee County

1602 Physicians Drive, Suite 105
Wilmington NC  28401 

(910) 833-7500