Sheila Shoe takes pride in her work at Belk

Going to work is something Sheila Shoe always looks forward to. She’s been working at Belk in Albemarle for almost two years.

“First thing I do when I get in, I ask what we’re doing today and I get to work,” said Shoe. “I like my job, and I think I do it well.”

One of the reasons Shoe said she enjoys it is because she gets to work with Developmental Specialist Chassidy Little. “She’s my buddy. She’s sweet to me, I like that,” said Shoe.

Little said she’s noticed positive changes since Shoe has been working at Belk.

“She’s been more at ease, more focused. She knows what she needs to do and she gets it done,” said Little. “She does a great job every day. I don’t ever have to tell her she did anything wrong. She has a lot of energy. She’s a great employee.”

Shoe is responsible for keeping areas of the store clean. She sweeps, vacuums and keeps the fitting rooms tidy. She works two-hour shifts, five days a week.

“When I heard the position was open, Sheila was the first person I thought of. We went and I showed her how to do the tasks maybe three times and she picked up on it just like that! No hesitating. She does great,” said Little.

Sheila’s position at Belk has been a great fit, Little explained. She feels accomplished knowing that her work keeping the store clean matters to customers and creates a better shopping experience. It has also had a great impact on her sense of independence and learning the value of money.

“It’s important to me to have a job. I get paid every two weeks, so it’s a nice thing to have. It makes me feel good,” Shoe shared.

Posted on: Wednesday March 21, 2018