Safety Manager Cathy Herrera Earns State Certification

Safety Manager Cathy Herrera recently completed and earned the Manager of Environmental, Safety and Health (MESH) certification sponsored by three key North Carolina agencies.

Herrera completed the 100-hour course offered through the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina, NC state Industry Expansion Solutions and the North Carolina Department of Labor. Certification in MESH Program is designed for environmental, safety and health professionals, such as Herrera, who bring valuable information on a broad range of safety topics to their organization.

Vice President of Performance Improvement Amy Boone, RN, BSN, indicated that Herrera’s certification brings integrity to Monarch’s safety program and day-to-day environmental and safety responsibilities. “Cathy’s certification truly brings credibility and authenticity to our Safety team, a critical component of our organization to keep the people we support and our staff out of harm’s way,” Boone explained.

Herrera appreciated the opportunity to earn the certification and incorporate the new knowledge into her role as safety manager.

“I have been able to expand my education and knowledge in safety and look forward to passing along what I have learned. I look forward to doing this in the coming months as I travel visiting Monarch sites during the Joint Commission’s open window session through early next year,” she said.

Posted on: Monday June 10, 2019