People supported assemble and donate coloring books to Asheboro hospital

An emergency room visit is not high on anyone’s list, but for children, the anxiety, fear and wait times can be overwhelming. At Randolph Hospital in Asheboro, the people Monarch supports at the nearby Vocational Opportunities in the Community (VOC), a day program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, are doing their part to help.

For the past six years, they have assembled coloring books and packets of crayons to deliver to the emergency department to help calm children who are restless, bored and scared while in the waiting area. The coloring books give the children a fun, productive and relaxing activity to fill the time.

The books became so popular that VOC downsized the finished product to speed up production and decrease costs to serve more children. The 8½ -by-11-inch size was cut in half so that approximately 100 books could be distributed each month. The hospital purchases the cardstock, copy paper and crayons, and staff and people we support purchase small cellophane bags to hold the crayons.

Participants of the VOC program construct the entire project, including selecting the pictures for coloring, making copies, folding pages in half, punching holes for ribbon to hold the books together, tying the ribbons, and placing crayons in bags. The name and address of the VOC program is attached to the crayon bags, which lets the families who receive the coloring books know where they originated.

“Children throughout the hospital enjoy the coloring packets,” said Sylvia Beamer, director of volunteer services at Randolph Hospital. “We have distributed thousands of these. We all love the VOC program, and when the staff and people being supported deliver the coloring books with smiles on their faces, it warms my heart!”

In addition to the coloring books, people supported at VOC make greeting cards for the hospital to deliver to patients in hopes of brightening their spirits. Approximately 50 handmade greeting cards are delivered each month.

The newest project on the VOC agenda is creating adult coloring books and word search/crossword puzzle packets for adult patients. The program is seeking help from volunteers to donate supplies and assist with putting the items together.

“It seems the opportunities are endless and this once-small project has turned into a great partnership with the hospital,” said Bunny Schoolcraft, VOC site director. “They honor our folks each year for their wonderful volunteer service.”

Pictured above: Monarch staff member Angie Leak helps Betsy Church deliver coloring books to Sylvia Beamer, director of volunteer services at Randolph Hospital in Asheboro.

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Posted on: Thursday April 14, 2016