Monarch Will Open North Carolina’s First Youth-dedicated Facility-Based Crisis Mental Health Center in Charlotte this Month

Monarch will officially open its Facility-Based Crisis (FBC) center for children and adolescents located at 1810 Back Creek Dr. in Charlotte this month.

The facility is the first of its kind for youth and teens in North Carolina who experience a mental health and substance use crisis and need 24/7 triage, assessment and stabilization in a secure, nurturing in-patient setting.

Mecklenburg youth in need of inpatient psychiatric assessment and treatment have been sent to Wake, Onslow, or New Hanover counties in the past because no such facility existed near Charlotte. This new FBC site will help the more than 26,000 children and adolescents in Mecklenburg County living with a mental illness.

The 11,654 square feet, 16-bed center will provide access to timely, age-appropriate mental health care for youth ages 6 to 17, both during a time of mental health crisis and beyond, while simultaneously reducing the number of unnecessary emergency room visits, which can prove costly and often ineffective for young people in need of help.

Here is a sneak peek at what the facility looks like inside.

“The need for a facility of this kind in Mecklenburg has been dire. Monarch worked together with Cardinal Innovations to address this need because we’ve seen far too many families struggle once their child’s mental illness reaches a crisis point and they are simply no longer able to navigate everyday life,” said Monarch President and CEO Dr. Peggy Terhune.

Monarch’s Facility-Based Crisis center for children and adolescents will be managed by Monarch’s newly appointed Vice President of Crisis Services, Teresa Gaskin.

The facility is officially accepting referrals. Please call (844) 263-0050 for more information, or visit

Posted on: Tuesday December 12, 2017