Monarch Frontline Hero: BHUC Administrative Assistant Briannan Snow

BHUC's Briannan Snow at her front desk post

Behavioral Health Urgent Care’s Briannan Snow works hard to to assist people we support who seek help during a mental health crisis.

Behavioral Health Urgent Care (BHUC) Practice Administrator Brian Maxey, MS, SW, and his staff know the added stress that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on individuals seeking help when experiencing a mental health care crisis.

His compassionate staff keeps this in mind. BHUC Administrative Assistant Briannan Snow went above and beyond to assist a young lady experiencing a psychotic episode during the nearly eight-hour visit. BHUC visits are typically a much shorter duration, but this situation required assistance from an outside agency which required the extended wait.

Snow tried a variety of calming techniques during the supported individual’s stay including providing an ice cream snack, a walk in the parking lot, providing her a hoodie to wear and engaging in conversation to relieve her frustration.

Snow explains that her role is one of support for her BHUC teammates: “I try to treat the people seeking services at BHUC the same way that I would like to be treated if places were reversed. Sometimes compassion can come out of the simplest of gestures and even from a smile.”

Snow, who has worked since 2016 in several Monarch Wake County outpatient locations in an administrative capacity, said the experience gained from her previous roles has helped in her current position. At the BHUC, she has the opportunity to assist with taking vitals as needed, participating in de-escalating the person supported, as well as coordinating the registration process for the person supported.

She feels well-suited for her role and has realized that being patient is a critical part of the service provided to people in need. “I deal with my own mental health issues so I think I am able to step back and think, if this was me what would I need?” Snow said. “In many instances, I can totally empathize.”

Maxey noted that Snow took it all in stride and kept the person seeking services, who ultimately needed hospitalization, safe and calm. “Briannan went above and beyond to care for an individual, who at that time, was unable to care for themselves. She is truly a frontline hero!”

How does Maxey feel about the BHUC team? “I am fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing team of clinicians and support staff. We have remained open despite the challenges to serve Wake County and the surrounding communities. While most agencies, including Monarch, have been closed to office visits, the BHUC has remained open to see those requiring in-person assessment.”

Brian Maxey explains a valuable pandemic lesson.

Posted on: Saturday May 16, 2020