Monarch day programs around the state join the ‘Kindness Rocks’ project

Monarch Rocks.

It’s true. And we’re planting that message across North Carolina.

If you’re in Winston-Salem you literally might stumble on that message — painted on a rock — at the park or on a walking trail or anywhere around town. Perhaps you’ve heard of The Kindness Rocks project that people and organizations are taking part in across the country? Basically, people paint images and messages onto rocks and them leave them throughout their communities for others to find. Those who find rocks can keep them or recycle the fun by hiding them again for others to find.

Monarch’s CHOICES at the Ridge day program decided to participate, and staffers and those they serve have had a good time painting rocks and including the message #MonarchRocks on their art projects to share Monarch’s involvement in the community.

If you stop by the Kernersville Papa John’s where CHOICES participant David Dillard has worked for 10 years, look for a #MonarchRocks rock displayed there. The pizza chain’s logo is emblazoned on it.

“It makes people feel good to find a rock with a positive message or special image,” said Beth Myers, community engagement team leader at CHOICES at the Ridge. “It is exciting to see what people put on them.”

Myers said one of her staffers came to her with the idea last summer after seeing a TV news story about Kindness Rocks. Similarly, Caroline Losavio-Ducharme, developmental specialist vocational at the Health Drive day program in New Bern, recently brought the same idea to her boss, April Judson, community engagement team leader. (Great minds think alike — #MonarchRocks!)

Judson hopes to have her participants and staffers painting #MonarchRocks rocks by April 1. They’ve been in the collecting rocks stage, which is harder than you’d think in a coastal town. Once the weather warms a bit, she envisions they’ll be able to find nice flat rocks on the beach.

“We have crafty individuals who love doing this kind of thing,” Judson said. “They’re going to have a piece of themselves out in the community for others to find.”

She imagines she’ll get in on the fun, too, saying “Maybe I’ll try to make a butterfly.”

To learn more about The Kindness Rocks project or to get involved, visit their website:

Posted on: Thursday April 12, 2018