If our children could grade us, they’d give us an ‘F’

Dr. Peggy Terhune, Monarch President/CEO, recently shared insight and her perspective about the current state of mental health for children and young people. Please see an excerpt below from her opinion editorial (op-ed) that was published by the Charlotte Observer.

As the mother of seven children and foster mom to so many more, I’m here to tell you, we are failing our kids. Two of my adopted children have special needs. My family has fostered more than 100 children, many of them with mental illness or developmental disabilities. Almost all of them came to us after experiencing significant trauma – abuse, neglect, the effects of parents who battled drug and alcohol addictions or who experienced abuse when they were kids. You name it.

What keeps me up at night is that we are failing our children. Parents, teachers, counselors, doctors, institutions. Failing. How else would you explain the facts? To read the complete Op-ed, please CLICK HERE.

Posted on: Friday April 27, 2018