Club Horizon’s Jessica Larisson Savors Success, Regains Independence ​

Jessica Larrison is making impressive strides in her life.

In April, she moved into an independent living apartment. In August, she celebrated three years of sobriety. She is an active and vital member of Club Horizon, a psychosocial rehabilitation program, and serves on both its board of directors and advisory board.

Through hard work and focusing on goals, Larrison is overcoming a diagnosis of severe depression and a substance use disorder issue. She has plans, goals and is heading toward a bright future.

After moving into an apartment last spring, Larrison is grateful for the opportunity to have her own residence and the freedom that comes along with it. “I am loving it,” she proudly states.

Larrison, 42, recalls a childhood of moving around quite a bit while her father served in the U.S. Navy. She became the first American baby born in the hospital of the city where her family was stationed in Italy.

In 1999, she moved to North Carolina where she had her daughter and son. Larrison and her family were thriving, and she successfully worked as a paralegal for 10 years. In 2011, she was laid off and ended up losing her home and her sobriety.

Ultimately, she sought help. Grateful for those who have helped her succeed at getting her life back on track, Larrison realizes the value of having a community support program such as Club Horizon available, especially its compassionate staff.

“It means a lot to me to have a place like this,” Larrison says. “If I isolate myself, I will be right back to where I started so Club Horizon gives me a place to go. They understand me here.”

Club Horizon, located in Wake County, promotes recovery, self-reliance and friendship through programs of rehabilitation and support. “It is not just a day program. It is a community,” says Club Horizon’s Program Director Karen Troup-Galley.

She explains that Club Horizon and its staff are committed to the belief that individuals with even the most severe psychiatric illness can live in the community independently and be respected as neighbors, co-workers and friends.

That theme and mission is evident upon entering Club Horizon’s doors.

Every one of the 50+ participants contributes to the site operating smoothly and successfully. The current two-level location is filled with activity whether in the computer center on the main floor or upstairs in the kitchen where breakfast and lunch is made on-site every day. There is even a small store where participants can purchase snacks.

Club Horizon services include transitional employment assistance, educational courses, deaf services, transportation, advocacy, housing aid and socialization.

Club Horizon is one reason Larrison believes she is able to celebrate her ongoing sobriety and earn a three-year chip from Alcoholics Anonymous. “Club Horizon had a hand in my sobriety,” she confides, noting that if she doesn’t attend on any given day, staff will call to ensure that things are all right. They know me here and they care.”

Troup-Galley has seen how focused Larrison has been to achieve her goals and believes she has what it takes for continued success: “She is doing amazing things.” In January, Larrison has plans to return to work as a paralegal.

Photo caption: Jessica Larisson, who attends Club Horizon in Knightdale, is an active, vital member of the day program serving on its board of directors and advisory board.

Posted on: Thursday January 10, 2019