Three-Dimensional Monarch Site Tours Provide the Feel of an In-Person Visit

A “dollhouse” view is part of the three-dimensional tour that will give viewers the opportunity to take a virtual tour of Monarch sites including the Behavioral Health Urgent Care in Wake County, pictured here.

Before making an important life decision like where to live, attend school or where to work, most of us like to pay a visit to see what the place is like in person and ensure it meets our needs and if we can picture ourselves being there for a period of time.

When the global pandemic hit in the spring of 2020, many buildings and sites were closed to visitors, travel was suspended and so was the ability for people to visit and tour most of Monarch’s sites. To provide a safe, easy-to-access solution, Monarch’s Marketing team contracted with More Than Imaging to capture immersive, three-dimensional (3D) scans of several key sites that can be used for virtual tours.

“We are seeing the benefits of having virtual, 3D tours available to referral providers within the community, families and people we support as they are able to view our locations and remain safe,” said Senior Community Outreach Manager Yesenia Mueller, who is coordinating the virtual tour project. “The virtual tours will continue to be an important tool even after the pandemic for people we serve and many other populations who want to see and learn more about our services, programs and residential options.”

Similar to the way Google Street View works, the Matterport 3D technology provides views from within the building and allows a visitor to virtually “walk” through the halls and into rooms as they would if they were at the location in person. It also includes information such as brief descriptions of a room or program, or a link to a Monarch feature or video that the viewer can click on to learn more.

Currently, scans have been completed and virtual open house and tour events have been held for Monarch’s Carmel Forest Group Home, the Wake Behavioral Health Urgent Care (BHUC), and the SECU Youth Crisis Center, a Monarch program. Scans for Club Horizon, a psycho-social rehabilitation program, and the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) in Stanly County are also under way. The BHUC and the SECU Youth Crisis Center virtual, 3D tours are available to view through the Monarch website.

Posted on: Thursday February 25, 2021