Southwest Cabarrus Rotary Club Partners to Provide Hope and Healing

Monarch staff receive donation from Rotary Club of Southwest Cabarrus

Left to right, Monarch’s Senior Community Outreach Manager Yesenia Mueller Howell, Vice President of Marketing and Philanthropy Laurie Weaver receive a generous donation from Southwest Cabarrus Rotary Club’s member John Brady and Club President David Haywood for the SECU Youth Crisis Center in Charlotte.

After touring the SECU Youth Crisis Center (SECU YCC), a Monarch program in Charlotte, and learning about the critical mental health services provided to children and adolescents ages 6 through 17, John Brady was inspired to help.

He turned to his fellow members of the Southwest Cabarrus Rotary Club, a group that for over 10 years has provided books, clothing and school supplies to students at Wolf Meadow Elementary in Concord, the area’s school with the highest percentage of Title I students. When Brady shared Monarch’s life-changing work, not only did the Rotary Club launch a GoFundMe campaign that raised $1,147.01 for the SECU YCC’s art therapy program, but Wolf Meadow Elementary joined the club in gifting books to the center.

Monarch’s Vice President Operations of Crisis Services Todd M. Clark, Ph.D., LCMHC, LCAS, CCS, recognizes the importance of such collaborations. “Without the support of partner organizations like the Southwest Cabarrus Rotary Club, the resources needed to provide a high quality and most effective program for youth with behavioral health challenges could not be realized. The art supplies and books that were donated provide tremendously helpful diversionary activities that drive a child to the passions that make their hearts come alive. It is a crucial and impactful part of their recovery,” he stated gratefully.

At the same time, the club also supported an Eagle Scout candidate who wanted to build a special garden at Wolf Meadow Elementary. It should come as no surprise that one intention of the project was to provide a safe and beautiful home for migrating Monarch butterflies! Many thanks to the Southwest Cabarrus Rotary Club for their ongoing generosity.

Posted on: Monday April 12, 2021