Rowan County

Behavioral Health Services Offered

Monarch offers the following services in Rowan County.  Please call our referral department at (866) 272-7826 or email [email protected].

  • Intensive In-Home Services:  When a family feels they have come to a point of crisis with a child experiencing mental health problems, Monarch will go to them to create an environment for success. We help manage a child’s behavior and assist and empower families in developing problem-solving skills and accessing community resources. Our staff are available around the clock to work with the entire family. We will do whatever it takes to prevent out-of-home placement for a child with a mental health diagnosis. (Ages 3-20)

Tailored Care Management Services

Tailored Care Management is a North Carolina Medicaid service. A team led by a Care Manager provides support for people living with mental illness, substance use disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and/or traumatic brain injuries.  Learn more about Monarch’s Tailored Care Management Services here. Medicaid members can request Monarch as their Tailored Care Management provider by contacting their assigned Tailored Plan directly.

In Rowan County, Tailored Care Management Services are assigned by Vaya Health.

To request Monarch as your provider, or if you are currently receiving Care Management Services in Rowan County and need additional support, please contact Vaya Health directly at the toll-free numbers below:

Member Services: (800) 962-9003
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation: (800) 962-9003
Behavioral Health Crisis: Alliance: (800) 849-6127
Nurse Line: (800) 849-6127