Davie County

New Horizons Enterprises

161 Funder Drive
Mocksville NC, 27028
(336) 751-1805


Vocational Activity Center

LME Served:


Volunteering Opportunities:

Volunteers needed to assist our senior group off-site during activities and trips, engage with participants in activities during downtime at the workshop, filing and other office duties. Other opportunities include: teaching arts and crafts, dance, exercise or nutrition classes,  developing and maintaining a friendship, helping plan and organize facility social events,  building maintenance, teaching computer skills, helping with deliveries from the gift shop and facilitating a book club.

Supported Employment Services


Monarch will assist all people with finding jobs, despite any previous inability to secure employment or whether or not you are seeking treatment for a mental health or substance abuse issue. Past or current challenges won’t prevent us from helping you find employment. We will support you in your search of a job because we believe a job can help everything else fall into place.

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