Buncombe County

The Goodale School and Recovery Community

75 Zillicoa St.
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 220-0040

The Goodale School and Recovery Community is a therapeutic residential boarding school for boys ages 14 to 17 with substance use and co-occurring disorders, in Asheville, North Carolina. Currently accepting applications, the program combines comprehensive clinical support for substance use and co-occurring disorders with an accredited academic program, family support and a variety of health, wellness and recreational activities to create an individualized recovery experience.

The Goodale School provides young men with a safe, caring, clinically-sound pathway to recovery, while providing their families with peace of mind. The program uses person-centered, evidence-based practices to directly address substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, trauma and grief, which often impact recovery.

The clinical program incorporates a real-life recovery model, which supports the development of coping, communication, decision-making and life skills as a foundation for lifelong recovery. Students gain self-confidence, self-awareness and resilience to navigate post-treatment challenges as they hone these skills with the support of program staff and peers.

During a 10- to 12-month stay at The Goodale School, students also participate in a fully accredited academic program which allows them to continue making academic progress while on the path to recovery. Through hands-on, experiential learning in small class settings, students explore their interests and receive transferrable academic credits.