Volunteer Scores Hole In One with Efforts

Monarch volunteer John Misiaszek holding golf balls in both hands and wearing a brown shirt and baseball hat.

Monarch Volunteer John Misiaszek

John Misiaszek is a valuable Monarch volunteer, however, he doesn’t see himself that way.

For the past six years, John has become well known in Moore County’s Whispering Pines golf community for taking errant or tossed golf balls, periodically selling to a refurbishing company and donating the proceeds to Monarch. John’s donations are put toward services for people with mental illness, substance use disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries.

To date, John’s donations to Monarch total $13,000! Moore County is home to Southern Pines and Pinehurst where some of the country’s top golf courses are located so that turns out to be a lot of refurbished golf balls.

What motivates John? He took over the cause from his friend Bill Collier, whose daughter receives services through the Monarch Creative Arts and Community Center (MCACC), a day program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Southern Pines. John has a nephew with autism and knows firsthand the value of specialized services that help people thrive.

Bill passed away shortly after the pair met, and John couldn’t help but continue his friend’s legacy knowing the importance of Monarch’s mission and the services provided to people in his community. His efforts to refurbish golf balls and donate the proceeds to Monarch are regularly placed within Moore County’s local media.

There is a bucket located in Whispering Pines in which fellow golfers drop golf balls to be refurbished. He receives calls from people throughout Moore County who want to donate golf balls. His efforts are well known throughout the local golfing community.

“I do what I can,” a humble John comments. He encourages others “to do whatever they can because there is need and it all makes a difference.”

Before the constraints of COVID-19, John (at right) would delight in hand delivering the proceeds to nearby MCACC: “My heart would explode knowing they have a place to go and do things. It brought me joy. It is all the reward I need.”

Thank you, John, for making a difference in the lives of others! Donations to assist with Monarch’s mission are welcome. Visit here for more information or to donate today.

Posted on: Wednesday April 12, 2023