Monarch’s IPS Partnership Fosters Independence

Joseph Hauser, supported through the Forysth IPS team, and Employment Support Professional Roger Absher take a break while Joseph is working.

Joseph Hauser (left) and Monarch Employment Support Professional Roger Absher are shown catching up at his job at Walmart.

Joseph Hauser enjoys learning new tasks, the comradery with his co-workers and the reward of a hard day’s work for a local retailer in Forsyth County.

He has been and continues to be employment motivated with support from Monarch’s Individual Placement and Support (IPS) services. “What motivates me is because I know who I am as a person. I am not a quitter. I keep motivating myself and keep telling myself, ‘Keep going. Keep going,’” he shares.

Joseph is one of many individuals assisted by the IPS services team in Forsyth County. Employment Support Professional Charles “Roger” Absher, ESP QP 3, is part of the Forsyth IPS team who helped Joseph through the job search preparation and working at a Winston-Salem Walmart as an associate in the dairy department.

Roger began with Monarch’s Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT) in 2014, moving on to be part of the Enhanced Services IPS team in 2017. He enjoys forming partnerships with and supporting people served who have severe or persistent mental illness or substance use disorders find and maintain employment.

For many individuals served through Monarch’s IPS, this partnership is about having a shoulder to lean on and also a knowledgeable bridge during the many phases of the job search process and support while navigating what is needed to maintain employment.

Joseph, while receiving individual therapy through Monarch, was referred to IPS services and was paired with Roger in 2021. At the time he was employed by a fast-food restaurant, however, Joseph wanted a job that offered more challenges but needed guidance to look for the role he wanted.

Roger assisted Joseph, 27, with online job applications and the interview process finding a position at a local Food Lion working within the store’s quality assurance staff. Joseph worked there for about seven months, gaining valuable experience while setting his sights on working in a retail produce environment.

Joseph Hauser, supported through Monarch's IPS team, shows some of his tasks on the job at Walmart.

Joseph believes that he is motivated when he is employed: “What motivates me is because I know who I am as a person. I am not a quitter. I keep motivating myself and keep telling myself, ‘Keep going. Keep going.'”

“I know I was capable of much more,” Joseph notes. With Roger’s help, he acquired the Walmart position where he works today, beginning as a member of the produce team and now working in dairy.

Roger explains that mock interviews are often a part of the support offered that provide the applicant with real life scenarios. During job interviews, he encouraged Joseph to focus on the positives of past employment and what he was looking for in future roles.

Joseph appreciates the guidance he receives from Monarch’s IPS team. He is grateful for the help of his co-workers in learning store processes and procedures, and who are on hand when he has a question.

What does it mean to Joseph to have a job? “It makes me proud of myself because I know I am more responsible,” he shares, noting that one of his future goals is to save up financially to be able to live on his own.

Roger is proud of Joseph’s accomplishments in securing and maintaining the job he wants: “Joseph has learned along the way. He is pretty independent and a lot of times things need to be done and he goes ahead and does it. He has an independent spirit about him.”

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Posted on: Friday February 10, 2023