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JULY 1, 2022 TO JUNE 30, 2023

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Dear friends,  

This year marks Monarch’s 65th Anniversary. In 1958, a group of dedicated parents and community members came together to look for ways to improve the lives of children with disabilities. What they started around that kitchen table in Stanly County has grown into the Monarch we know today. We are helping tens of thousands of people across North Carolina, and now in Rhode Island, because of you and because of the vision of those families and others 65 years ago. 

Please watch the video here to learn more about this year of celebration. 

In preparation for our 65th Anniversary, Monarch’s Executive Leadership, our Board of Directors and our staff took time to review and revise our Mission, Vision and Values. These changes reflect who Monarch is today and what we want to be in the future.  Throughout this Annual Impact Report, you will hear from each member of our leadership team as they reflect on our values. You will see comments and feedback from the people we support. You will find stories of hope and healing that illustrate the importance of Monarch’s work.  

With your support, you are part of everything we do at Monarch. Together we continue to change lives today and work to create a future built on hope. Thank you!


Peggy S. Terhune, Ph.D., MBA, OTR/L

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Our Mission

Monarch provides hope, promotes wellness, and empowers individuals and families impacted by mental illness, substance use disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and traumatic brain injury. 

Our Vision

Monarch envisions a world where all people can achieve their unique potential.

Our Values

Integrity, Compassion, Respect, 
Excellence, Courage and Innovation

Philanthropic Giving to Monarch

Each year, philanthropic giving by Monarch donors shapes our programs and services. Individuals, businesses and philanthropic foundations
give of their time and money, helping to strengthen existing programs and establish new ones. Monarch donors touch the lives of each of
the nearly 27,000 people we support and help Monarch live its Mission. Vision and Values every day. 


Total Philanthropic Giving in Fiscal Year 2021


Raised at Monarch’s Annual Dreams Take Flight Golf Tournament

Thank You To Our Corporate Partners


Monarch’s life-changing work across the state is possible because of dedicated community and business partners including:

  • Referral Partners
  • Local Management Agencies/Managed Care
  • Organizations Hospitals and Primary Care Practices
  • Emergency and First Responders
  • Law Enforcement and Justice Departments
  • State, County and Local Governments
  • Social Services Agencies
  • School Systems
  • Civic Groups
  • Community Advocates
  • Creative Arts Organizations
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Nonprofit and Volunteer Organizations
  • Businesses Employing People We Support

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We value ethical and transparent behavior. We believe in honest and open communication that fosters trust
and ensures we are accountable to each other and the people we support. 

Tammy Geis, CPA

Chief Finance Officer

“Integrity is the cornerstone of trust at Monarch and is a strategic asset because it fosters long-term success.”

“My care providers at Monarch are very caring and professional. I always know they have my best interest as a priority. I'm very satisfied with the care I receive.”
Rose Garrison
Person Monarch Supports

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We believe in treating all people with basic human kindness, understanding that Monarch is a
stronger organization when people are caring and compassionate toward each other. 

Christy Shaver, MHA

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Long-Term Services and Suppports

“Compassion fosters genuine connections with the people we serve and is a catalyst for creating a positive workplace culture.”

“The people are always friendly and listen to your concerns.”
Jeremiah Livingston
Person Monarch Supports

Monarch Nurses Provide Hope, Healing and Care

Nurses enter their chosen career from a variety backgrounds, ethnicities and experience. Traits they have in common include their passion for caring and helping others. These traits can’t be taught in a classroom but are part of who they are. Monarch nurses point out that listening to people who seek mental health and long-term services support is also an important component of care.

With over 50 nurses employed across North Carolina, they provide compassionate care for people with mental illness, working in behavioral health outpatient clinic settings supporting medical treatment, and intellectual and developmental disabilities, providing care and medication management, in our group home and day program settings.

Pictured above: Robin Alcala and Debbie Miller, RN, Director of Care Management, Behavioral Health.

Stokes Opportunity Center men and women pose for a group photo.

DSPs’ Care, Love and Guidance Helps People Supported Thrive

The care that direct support professionals (DSPs) provides positively impacts lives every day. Over 600 Monarch DSPs serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), mental illness and/or traumatic brain injury (TBI). Monarch recognizes the important and extraordinary work that DSPs do every day across our sites each year during DSP Week in September.

The impact of a DSP’s role in the life of an individual served can’t be measured but can be viewed in the confidence of people supported when goals are met, the genuine smiles when they see their support staff or the hugs that people served so often willingly share.

Across Monarch’s North Carolina day programs and group homes, DSPs are accustomed to being flexible, adjusting to what each day holds. “Our DSPs are the backbone of our support services. They show up every day and bring life to our programs and services. I want our direct support staff to know that their caring matters more than they know,” shares Christy Shaver, MHA, executive vice president / chief operating officer, Long-Term Services and Supports.

Pictured above: Program participants at Monarch’s Stokes Opportunity Center in Walnut Cove.


The Employee Care Fund Provides Over $15,000 in Emergency Assistance to Staff

Monarch’s staff are its most important resource and the Monarch Employee Care Fund, launched in January 2023, is designed to provide compassionate support for staff members facing financial challenges due to unforeseen circumstances.  

Since its launch, the Employee Care Fund has provided emergency assistance totaling $15,000 to 13 Monarch staff members. The fund was established to help employees who are facing financial hardship due to unforeseen circumstances like a natural disaster, house fire or other emergency. Assistance grants of up to $1,500 are available for situations that meet the Fund’s criteria.

The Fund relies primarily on contributions from the community, Monarch families and friends, and team members as well as corporate support from Monarch. Together, these contributions provide tax-free grants to help Monarch’s caring, compassionate employees when they are facing life’s unexpected challenges.

Support for the Fund comes through generous contributions from Monarch families, friends, community stakeholders and staff themselves. 

Pictured above: Developmental Specialist Vocational Audrey Lowery, Tyler Jones and President and CEO Dr. Peggy Terhune at Monarch’s Creative Arts and Community Center in Southern Pines this fall  during our listening sessions earlier this fall. 

The Impact of


We value diversity in all its forms and work to ensure the inclusion of all people.
We respect the rights and value the unique contributions of each individual.

Terri Bernhardt

Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

“Respect is the foundation of harmonious relationships. It promotes empathy, understanding, and cooperation between Monarch’s staff and the people in our care.”

“Best place to ever have a therapist…everybody is so nice from the people who get your info to the therapist themselves…nobody judges and they are truly respectful.”
Jaelin Johnson
Person Monarch Supports

Thank you to Monarch’s Board of Directors! 

Monarch’s diverse Board of Directors represents the people we support, their families and the communities we serve. We are grateful for their contributions to and support of Monarch’s mission. 

Benjamin Marsh, Chair
Michael J. McCrann, JD, Secretary
Kara S. Guerriero, Past Chair
Jeffrey B. Gaskin, Vice Chair
William Austin, Finance Committee Chair
Duncan E. Munn, Development Committee Chair
Madelfia Abb, MA, LCMHCA, NCC
Jean Andersen
Kent Earnhardt, Ph.D., JD
Robert Goodale
Jeffrey L. Irvin
Caroletta Metcalf Daniels
Deborah Stark
Kurtis Taylor
Elizabeth (Lizzy) Underwood

Parent Keisha Bynem is shown with her daughter Shekinah standing side by side

Residential Options for People with I/DD Hallmark of Monarch Services

Keisha Bynem (pictured above, left) has hopes and dreams for her daughter, Shekinah Hamilton, 23, (pictured above, right) who has cerebral palsy, epilepsy and intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). 

She wants her daughter to be as independent as she can be. She wants her daughter to be part of a loving community made up of her peers. She wants her daughter to find a group home that provides compassionate care. 

While Shekinah was growing up, Keisha did her best to provide a nurturing family-focused environment despite many obstacles and difficulties. 

Keisha believes some of the dreams she has for her daughter are coming true. Shekinah recently moved into Monarch’s Ansonville Home located in Anson County and is adjusting beautifully.

“I wanted somewhere I knew she would be safe. Monarch makes sure they have their medications and healthy meals, attend doctor appointments, finances are in order,” Keisha explains. “To me, those were signs that it was a secure place that these things are in place for my child.” 

Unsung Heroes

In Celebrating 65th Anniversary, Monarch recognizes 65 Unsung Heroes 

In April 2023, Monarch celebrated 65 years of compassionate care to people in need and as part of the celebration, we highlighted staff in a special way.

Monarch employees were asked to nominate “65 Unsung Heroes” who go above and beyond in their work and exemplifying the core values of Integrity, Compassion, Respect, Excellence, Courage and Innovation.

A large number of nominations were received and a group of 65 Monarch employees were selected to be named “Monarch Unsung Heroes.” Each of the named staff members receives a commemorative certificate recognizing them along with a gift card. Click below to view the full list of honorees from across the company. 

The Impact of


We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and mission-driven care in a safe, healthy and respectful environment.

Lyndril Leonard, M.A., LMCHC

Executive Vice President / Chief Operating Officer, Outpatient and Enhanced Services

“Providing excellence in behavioral healthcare fosters trust with the people we serve by assuring them of receiving the highest quality of care, instilling confidence in Monarch, and ultimately leading to improved health outcomes and satisfaction.”

"Wonderful caring employees who strive to make a positive difference."
Vickie Speight
Person Monarch Supports

Monarch Receives Gold Star Reaccreditation from The Joint Commission 

In December 2022, Monarch received The Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission, signifying its reaccreditation and alignment with the highest standards in health care delivery. 

The Joint Commission accredits more than 21,000 organizations worldwide and focuses on continually improving health care by setting the highest standards for health care quality throughout the world.

The Joint Commission’s health care standards are developed in consultation with health care experts and providers, quality improvement measurement experts, and individuals and their families. The standards are informed by scientific literature and expert consensus to help organizations measure, assess and improve performance.

Rosemarie Cannazzaro, left, and Employment Specialist Tracie Oxendine stand in front of WoodHaven Nursing Facility.

NY Transplant Finds Hope in Monarch Mental Health Support

Rosemarie Cannazzaro (pictured above on left with Robeson Employment Support Professional Tracie Oxendine) looks at the Monarch staff who have assisted her as blessings in her life. She says they have guided, supported and provided her with renewed hope.

Prior to moving to North Carolina in 2018, Rosemarie experienced a painful loss following the death of her only child, Dwayne. Residing for most of her life in New York’s Westchester County, she decided to head south to start fresh after losing her son. A life-long friend, who has lived in Robeson County for 30 years, extended her a place to stay if she ever wanted to relocate.

After moving to North Carolina, Rosemarie found her own apartment and began searching for a job. However, mental health struggles with depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) made the simplest of tasks seem insurmountable when she initially moved to North Carolina. The trauma of her son’s death was sometimes too much to bear.

She sought therapy services through Monarch’s Robeson Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic and continues to meet with Senior Therapist Louvonda Townsend, MSW, LCSW. She believes that therapy has helped her look at the positives in her life and move forward. She says therapy has helped with handling stress and solid advice about overcoming life’s obstacles.

Learn more about Rosemarie’s story below. 

TW Dylan Paquette DDAM

Dillion Paquette Living His Best Life With Monarch Services

At 29, Dillion Paquette life is busy with working a job, pursuing of a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise and attending the Stanly Industrial Services (SIS) day program in Albemarle. He is content, happy and thriving with assistance from Monarch Long-Term Services and Supports.

Dillion was diagnosed as a youth with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS), a rare genetic disorder that results in physical, mental and behavioral struggles. The diagnosis is most commonly noted by an unsatisfied hunger that can cause obesity if not strictly monitored.

Two years ago, he moved to Monarch’s Lafayette Drive group home in Albemarle, one of North Carolina’s residential sites designed specifically for adults diagnosed with PWS.

Since moving to Lafayette Drive group home, Residential Manager Diane Bowden says Dillion has made great strides in his physical health moving in at a weight of 250 pounds and now maintaining a weight of 139 pounds due to a healthy diet and exercise.

“I feel a lot healthier now and I am looking to hopefully get off of some of my medicine,” Dillion says of his improved lifestyle, adding that he no longer needs to use continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy to sleep or an insulin pump to control diabetes.

Learn more about Dillon and the many ways Monarch supports his goals below. 

We Are Hiring Excellence!

If you or someone you know would like to turn their compassion into a career at Monarch, please encourage them to visit today.

The Impact of


We value learning, changing and charting the course for better behavioral health care for all.
We commit to guiding operational performance through data driven leadership. 

John Latz, MD

Medical Director, Specialty Services

“Continuous learning at Monarch drives progress, helps us solve complex problems, and allows our staff to address the needs of the people we serve.”

"I was at the facility only on my first visit, but it was well run. I do my appointments virtually. Wonderful staff!! "
Diane Flowers
Person Monarch Supports
IDD SUD Cover photo 500x 250

Monarch Launches Innovative New Curriculum for People Living with I/DD and Substance Use Disorders

Monarch has launched “Understanding Addiction and Developmental Disabilities,” a first-of-its-kind web-based resource to help an underserved population of people living with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD) and substance use disorders (SUD).

The “Understanding Addiction and Developmental Disabilities website features screening tools and helpful guides for those who work with individuals with I/DD, such as mental health clinicians and caregivers, guardians or parents and teachers. The free, open-source curriculum consists of 14 animated videos that provide relevant therapeutic information for the person with I/DD and SUD. To learn more, visit

The curriculum was developed by Monarch experts in partnership with people with lived experience and their families. The project was made possible by  Grant Number 93.959 (CFDA) from the NC Department of Health and Human Services, through funding support from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Monarch people supported are shown using the CreateAbility online resources and their graduation certificates.

CreateAbility Course Prepares Day Program Participants for Job

Attendees at Monarch day programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) have the opportunity to research jobs they might be interested in thanks to CreateAbility, an educational software.

Many Monarch day program participants currently work at jobs within their communities as well as volunteer, however this educational tool will help people with I/DD identify additional areas of interest or explore different job opportunities they had not considered.

Monarch’s Director of Day Programs Bob Huber says the CreateAbility resource opens “a world of possibilities” for people with I/DD to learn more about what it is like to work at jobs that can include restaurant and food service, hospitality, grocery retail and landscaping.

Monarch purchased the CreateAbility software for $2,500 made possible by an internal grant program funded by generous community donors. Annually, Monarch staff submit requests for funding of a project that they believe will benefit people served. A Monarch committee reviews submissions and awards the grants.

The main objective of the CreateAbility software is to gauge expectations, explore career paths and examine the skill set required within the person supported areas of interest.

Learn more about the innovative use of the CreateAbility program below. 

Photo of pinned Providence on a map of USA. May be used as illustration for travelling theme.

Monarch Announces Expansion to Rhode Island

In early 2023, Monarch announced plans to expand services to Rhode Island. In partnership with Rhode Island’s Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities & Hospitals (BHDDH), Monarch will launch innovative residential services in late 2023 or early 2024. 

“Because of our experience with mental health and developmental disabilities residential services for people with significant needs, Monarch has been invited to operate an innovative apartment program in Providence, Rhode Island,” said Monarch President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Peggy Terhune, Ph.D., MBA, OTR/L. “The program will allow individuals with mental illness and/or developmental disabilities to live independently in their own apartments with support from Monarch staff.”

Rhode Island sought Monarch to help creative alternative to large, institutional mental health settings and group homes. While this is a familiar model of support in North Carolina, it is an underutilized but innovative approach in Rhode Island.

Monarch staff will support residents as they engage in treatment, connect to community support services as well as volunteer and work if they choose.

The Impact of


We believe there is strength in having the courage to try and fail and in asking for help when assistance is needed.
We value the ownership of mistakes and support the change and growth that can result.

Melissa Hall, DBA, MBA

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Crisis and Care Management Services

“Courage fosters positive change by empowering individuals to confront challenges and make difficult decisions.”

"Caring and understanding. Everyone listens and are very attentive to our needs."
A. Ruppe
Person Monarch Supports
Monarch people supported are shown using the CreateAbility online resources and their graduation certificates.

Stanly County Resident Pursues Positive Mental Health with Monarch Resources

When Albemarle resident Billie Jean Bergquist didn’t know where to turn during difficult times of her life, she turned to drugs. When she realized this behavior was no longer helping her cope with traumatic life experiences, she turned to Monarch. 

Billie Jean, 32, reached out to Monarch for help when she faced difficult crossroads in her life because of substance use disorder (SUD) and mental illness. 

At each of those turns, services and supports were in place to help her heal. 

Billie Jean’s journey throughout her young life was difficult – and heartbreaking. She faced challenges following a sexual assault and she turned to drug use as a coping mechanism. 

Courageously, Billie Jean reached to Monarch for support and found caring doctors, therapists and support staff to help her on her journey of recovery. 

“I couldn’t ask for a better place to go to get help. They really want to help people if you listen and put what they say to work, it works,” she explains of the services she receives from Monarch. 

Click below to read more of Billie Jean’s story. 

Monarch Tailored Care Management Manager Amy Eisenman, left, stands outside of Monarch offices in Wake County with person supported Shina Theimer.

Tailored Care Management Service Provides Healing and Hope

Monarch launched Tailored Care Management Services in late 2022 as part of North Carolina Medicaid’s plan to improve services. Shina Theimer (pictured above right with Care Manager Amy Eisenman) just one of the many people served through Monarch’s statewide network of care managers. Her life looks much different today than it did before. 

Before receiving care, Shina said she thought drinking heavily and sleeping days away would help numb the pain and depression she was feeling. It didn’t and she wasn’t sure where to turn. Her world was crumbling.

Today, Shina, a resident of Raleigh, receives care from Medicaid’s Tailored Care Management (TCM) service delivered through Monarch. Her smile and disposition are bright. She is motivated when she talks about her current job opportunities and genuinely enjoying life.

In April 2021, she was part of the TCM pilot program that launched in North Carolina and continues receiving services today through Monarch’s Wake TCM team which includes Care Manager Amy Eisenman.

“Now, I look forward to each day. The fact that I have another day and who knows what I can do with it?” she says eagerly. She values the strong support she receives from her husband, her 16-year-old daughter and Amy, who coordinates her TCM care. She especially wants to be a role model for her daughter by continuing treatment for alcohol use disorder, depression and connecting with supports to assist with autism disorder.

Mobile Clinic

Mobile Clinics Rooted in Supporting Mental Health in Eastern NC

Nicole B. Richardson, Joseph Campbell, Kelly Hagwood and Winston Thomas have an unusual work environment. Their offices are 29-feet long, orange-and-white and travel to serve Eastern North Carolina communities in need of mental health services.

On one Mobile Clinic, Nicole B. Richardson is the registered nurse and team lead, while Peer Support Specialist (PSS) Joseph Campbell serves as driver and support to people seeking service. Monarch Team Lead Kelly Hagwood, RN, and Peer Support Specialist Winston Thomas staff the second Mobile Clinic.

The Monarch Mobile Integrated Care Clinics serve Gates, Nash, Hertford, Northampton, Bertie and Halifax Counties bringing mental health and substance use disorder services to locations convenient within the community.

Both Nicole and Joseph have close ties to the mental health field. Nicole pressed pause on her college education to care for her mother who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She describes the experience as coming full circle. She feels fortunate to be able to bring personal experiences to her role and also knows the importance of involving families in an individual’s healing.

Click below to read more about how Monarch’s innovative Mobile Clinic Services are delivering care to Eastern North Carolina.

2022 - 2023

Milestone moments

Mission, Vision, Values

July 2022

Monarch introduces revised Mission, Vision and Values statements to the public.

Tailored Care Management

December 2022

Monarch launches statewide Tailored Care Management Services to support North Carolina Medicaid Transformation.

Mobile Clinic Services in Eastern NC

January 2023

Monarch launches Mobile Integrated Care Clinic Services in Gates, Halifax Nash and Northampton counties, with plans to expand to Bertie and Hertford counties later in 2023.

Employee Care Fund

January 2023

The Monarch Employee Care Fund launches as an independent 501(c)3 public charity to provide emergency financial assistance to Monarch staff in the wake of unexpected circumstances like natural disaster, house fires, sudden illness or the death of a spouse.

65th anniversary

April 2023

Monarch marks its 65th Anniversary of providing life-changing services for people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental illness, substance use disorders and traumatic brain injuries.

"Understanding Addiction and Developmental Disabilities"

May 2023

Monarch launches innovative new curriculum called "Understanding Addiction and Developmental Disabilities" for professionals, caregivers and family members of people with I/DD who are also living with a substance use disorder. The curriculum was funded by a grant from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

Mobile Crisis Services

June 2023

In partnership with Vaya Health, Monarch expanded its footprint of care to provide Mobile Crisis Services in Chatham County. This comes in advance of a new behavioral health outpatient office slated to open in Chatham County in late 2023.