Volunteers from Stanly Industrial Services help those in need during MLK meal packing event

The ingredients provide protein, fiber and nutrients for a sustainable addition to a healthy daily diet. They can be used in a variety of meal options, from simply adding water to make a vegetarian casserole to serving as a side dish or an ingredient in a delicious jambalaya.

The festive event included breakfast provided by Bojangles’, and volunteers received t-shirts and certificates. Teams of volunteers had fun dancing to background music as they collaborated to pack 48 assembled bags into large cardboard boxes, supporting one another with a rousing cheer whenever a box was completed. “

“Wow! What an amazing event,” said Nicole Turner, a Monarch developmental specialist, who accompanied people supported or day program participants at SIS to the event along with Tenika Bailey, a fellow developmental specialist. “Everyone so enjoyed it that they can’t wait to do it again next year.”

“We volunteer on a daily basis throughout our own community,” said Kerry Stipe, site manager at SIS. “This was our opportunity to step out of our community and give back. This event prompted inclusion and team building as college students and volunteers from Monarch joined together to package the food.”