Tim Morris Defines Lifelong Learning

Although he does like his down time – he loves watching TV, playing video games, socializing with his house mates and taking walks on the weekends – Tim works three days a week as a dishwasher at Blake’s Restaurant, where his co-workers enjoy his infectious personality and appreciate his strong work ethic. Although dishwashing keeps him busy and can be tiring, he says he likes the work and has been a model employee since his job coach helped him land the position seven years ago. “I love what I do,” he said.

To round out his busy life, Tim attends a math class at Montgomery Community College two days a week. He was doing so well in the basic education classes that he was tested and admitted to the math program, where he relishes tackling the most challenging problems and is doing well in his class. He also particpated in the MCC/MCLS Pottery Course this spring with felllow MCLS attendees.

“I feel I am making steady progress,” Tim said of his full slate of activities. “I like having the option to do different things.”