Therapists at Monarch Offer Advice for Handling Holiday Stress

Doing these simple things can make the holidays a little less stressful and make your memories brighter. “If the stress gets to the point of being overwhelming and you feel like you can’t go about your daily routines, then it is time to seek professional help. Some people can talk with their doctors first and they can prescribe some medications to help out. The best case scenario is for people to learn coping skills by going to see a counselor. Medication does half the job, counseling and learning new coping skills does the rest. Then, hopefully in the future you won’t need medication to help you deal with stress” says Daniel Brown, Director of Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse at Monarch. Should you need someone to talk with, call the toll free referral line at Monarch 1-866-272-7826.

Monarch is a nonprofit organization providing support and resources to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental illness and substance abuse issues in 44 counties across North Carolina. They are a charter member of the national organization known as The Arc. For more information, please call 1-800-230-7525 or online at

Contributing Behavioral Health Therapists include Janet Rogers, Beverly Fulbright, Ph.D., Christine Broadwater, and Laura Kobos-Moseley.