Studio 651 makes photography fun with technology

“These are students who won’t sit through a traditional photography class,” Roberts explained. “You have to make it creative, fun and engaging.”

Enter Marvel comics. With the latest technology, Roberts can show his students how to infuse their photography with characters they know and love, using apps that are easy to use and offer remarkable special effects.

“With the technology available today, I can do more than teach basic photography,” Roberts said. “I can teach students to do things we used to see only professionals do in the photography world. And the ability to do it all is right in the palms of our hands.”

For example, one student was easily transformed into Spiderman and was able to “web” another student. They posed for a photo, and “webbing” was added using special effects. “They couldn’t stop smiling,” Roberts said.

Since classes include shooting and manipulating both photos and videos, another lucky student was able to see herself swinging through the city, thanks to a simple animation app.

“They love being able to see themselves in ways they never imagined,” Roberts said. “I’m able to do things that amaze them, but still show them exactly how I did it.”

Creative arts are becoming a way of life at Monarch, Roberts said, adding that he believes the new focus allows people supported to find new ways to express themselves and find joy in doing so.

“I try to keep everything we do as interesting as I can,” Roberts said. “I want them to love the classes, and I want to love teaching them.”