Savanah Wimberley Makes a Difference in Southern Pines

Always up for a challenge and willing to try something new, Wimberley has been volunteering with First Health of the Carolinas, working at Moore Regional Hospital several times a month. She can be found all over the hospital with the magazine cart, delivering magazines to the hospital lobbies and patients’ rooms.

Wimberley also spends time volunteering at the Southern Pines Fitness Center, where she serves as a greeter, files guest cards, helps launder and fold towels, cleans equipment and gives tours of the fitness center.

“Savanah is unstoppable,” said Developmental Specialist Amy Burrell, who works closely with Wimberley to help her achieve her goals and dreams. “She brings smiles to people’s faces everywhere she goes. This is what Monarch is all about – educating our community and integrating the people we serve into their community in a meaningful way.”

In addition to her volunteer work, Wimberley enjoys participating in the Joyful Noise music program, a local book club, church activities and the Lee County Sunshine Club. She also rides horses, belongs to a bowling league and bowls in Special Olympics.

“I love work and going to do things with Amy,” Savanah said. “I love Monarch!”