Ridgefield residents celebrate MLK Day with some Wingate University students

“Bringing volunteers into Monarch increases equality to those who live with disabilities, Wingate University and our community as a whole. The people supported were thrilled to have new people in their home. There was a lot of clapping, singing, laughter and gratitude all throughout the home,” Gulick said.   A few months ago Gulick, and one of the people we support, Charles Smith, had the opportunity to host a table at Wingate’s Internship and Career Services Etiquette Dinner and, through that interaction, students learned about Monarch. The MLK Jr. Day  event was the first volunteer event at Monarch for the Wingate students.

Gulick hopes to continue the unique “link” created with Wingate University and said they are planning to attend the annual Shakespeare Competition at Wingate on Feb. 11 and participate in Wingate’s Career Fair on March 27.