NC DHHS unveils new Medicaid reform plan

The plan proposes that providers collaborate through Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), a model that allows physicians and other providers who care for patients to take control of improving quality and healthy outcomes by collaborating together.

“For example,” Terhune explained, “If you go to your primary care doctor who orders blood tests, it is likely that later in the month when you visit your endocrinologist or cardiologist, that doctor will also order the same tests. With an ACO, there is a shared record, so instead of duplication, the second doctor can look at the results from the first doctor’s order, and can take action from there. This eliminates extra tests or waiting.”

On top of the new plan, DHHS is also leading efforts to improve the Division of Medical Assistance (DMA) operations to support Medicaid reform. Secretary Wos recently named Deputy Secretary of Health Services and Acting State Health Director Robin Gary Cummings, M.D., to lead the DMA transformation.        

Photo Credit: Rose Hoban