Monarch to Display New Facility Tonight

Today, Monarch is a $45 million business in North Carolina servicing those with disabilities in 52 counties. As such, they serve 2,500-3,000 people every day and are the third largest non-profit in the state.

In Stanly County alone, Monarch made a $28 million impact on the county and employs 300 county residents.

But on Tuesday night, Terhune’s mood was far from upbeat as she spoke to the Stanly County Commissioners on the impact of the state’s current budget shortfall on Monarch.

“Everyone agrees we’ve got a problem,” Terhune said.
“I’ve already laid off 45 people, and if the community support budget is cut further, I’ll lay off more people.

“We ended the fiscal year in the black, but I’m worried…I’m really worried.”

Terhune spoke of increasing unemployment and the ripple-effect problems that will be created, such as more alcohol and drug abuse and even suicide.

“I’m worried about the whole impact of this budget,” she said.
And while Stanly County is one of the few counties serviced by Monarch that does not provide any funding, Terhune asked for no funding, but also said, “I may be back.

The Stanly News and Press
By Jim Lisk, Editor
Published July 16, 2009