Monarch staff supports “Day of Dreams” service project

“The goal is for us, as an administrative staff, to get out and work at the sites, spend time together and help the people we support make these projects their own,” Basinger said. “Day of Dreams will achieve multiple successes, since we’ll be getting to know each other better and doing work to improve our sites.”

System Support Professional Michelle Hopkins was the first to sign up as a volunteer, and the experience was everything she hoped it would be. “The people we support loved it!” she said. “Everyone really pitched in, and they were very proud of their garden.”

IT Engineer Chris Joffson especially enjoyed working with co-workers outside his normal work environment.

“I met people that I had assisted over the phone before, but had never met in person,” he said. “Working in IT, I do not normally get to work with the people we support. I enjoyed working with everyone and making the Greenwood location look much nicer.”

Randy Overcash, IT Helpdesk Manager, agreed: “To work with others and see what we were able to accomplish together was amazing.”

“The ground was bare and full of weeds,” Overcash said. “But when we finished, you could see beautiful flowers surrounded by neatly placed mulch. The end results were very beautiful and well-landscaped flower gardens. It was a rewarding experience.”