Monarch Awarded $50,000 in Software Grant

The software will assist Monarch by improving service delivery by implementing a comprehensive system which will allow more time to be spent on quality care with individuals instead of paperwork and allowing them to focus on provision of best practices. It will also allow for immediate, real time access to information about the individuals supported by Monarch to ensure timely access to care. Additionally, the program will improve reliability and efficiency of financial processes by moving billing functions to the end user and eliminate duplicate keying of information, improving quality management functions by allowing for maximum reporting on both clinical and administrative functions and to maintain the confidentiality of those supported by Monarch by developing robust HIPAA compliant processes within the framework of an electronic health record.

The Electronic Medical Record/Billing System software will be loaded onto every computer the agency currently maintains. This will cover all services, across 35 counties, and 80 sites. “The agency established a goal of moving toward electronic health records over three years ago, and has been intentionally purchasing all computers since that time to be compatible with an EMR system” says Daniel Brown, Director of Behavioral Health Services with Monarch and writer of the grant. Project Manager Troy Connell adds “Monarch is an organization that recognizes the value of aligning technology with organizational goals and objectives and we are committed to finding new and innovative ways to improve level of care for the people we support. Implementation of a new billing/medical records system will allow Monarch to improve work efficiencies and reduce operational expenses”.

Monarch is a nonprofit organization providing support and resources to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental illness and substance abuse issues in 38 counties across North Carolina. They are a charter member of the national organization known as The Arc. For more information, Please call 1-800-230-7525 or online at