Employment Services

Employment Services

Few things are more empowering for people than to work and earn their own income. Our Employment Services give people the opportunity to obtain employable skills, job training, learn interviewing and social skills, to help people maintain long-term employment. We have learned that because of their work experience, people gain a sense of purpose and self-worth that is far more valuable than the paycheck they earn.

Monarch’s Employment Support Professionals will help people find their job of choice and Employment Direct Support Specialists will continue to provide support to employees and their employer once they have developed the necessary job skills to maintain employment.

We also help people work for themselves by doing everything we can to help qualified individuals set up and manage their own small businesses. Plus, we seek enriching volunteer opportunities for people who wish to give back and experience inclusion within the community.

Monarch Supported Employment

We will teach skills, help with resume preparation and filling out of applications, set up interviews, provide interview skills training and do whatever we can to help people get the job. Once they are employed, we are there to continue to coach them if they need it.

Monarch Micro-Enterprise

We help each person come up with the idea that works for them, set up the business, and manage the business. Maybe they could carve out their own niche? Like the gentleman who opened a coffee kiosk in the local hospital. Whatever the dream, Monarch is there to help make it happen every step of the way and help find the right professionals to assist people along the way.

Monarch Skills Enhancement

We provide environments in our day programs for those in need of particular skills used in the community or the workplace. We work closely with each person to ensure understanding of the skill set required for employment or volunteer opportunities.

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Specific Services

  • Compensatory Education
  • Day Activity
  • Developmental Therapy
  • ADVP (Adult Day Vocational Program)
  • Supported Employment
  • Innovations Community Networking
  • Innovations Day Supports
  • Innovations Personal Care
  • Innovations Community Living and Supports
  • Innovations Supported Employment
  • Personal Assistance
  • Developmental Therapy
  • Micro-enterprise