Forsyth Industrial Systems is growing… a garden!

Other items in the garden include tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, cantaloupe, and watermelon.  The production of the garden is teaching students numerous skills, such as responsibility, socialization, teamwork, leisure choices, and about nature and agriculture.

Also FIS’ Unique Seniors have taken on a project of their own.  Last winter, a tree that was right in front of the entrance to FIS was removed leaving an empty, dull, unattractive void.  Ann Haynes, our dedicated liaison from the Parks and Recreation Department who has dedicated her time and talents to supporting FIS elder population, created the idea of the Unique Seniors planting marigolds in that area.  The space started out with just a flowers, but the group, along with instructor Cheryl Cole decided to add more flavor by making butterflies, and adding artificial birds.  The group is very dedicated to the upkeep of their area and they water it daily.  It is an eye catcher to all that enter FIS.

– Sharon Burns