Coping with Dallas

“It can be emotionally draining,” Chappell added. “It’s a grieving process even when we don’t know the victims personally. We can suffer from anger, anxiety, sadness, depression and feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.”

She shares these suggestions for coping:

• Share your feelings. Talk with a friend, community leader, religious leader or mental health professional.
• Engage in quiet time and meditation.
• Focus on what you can control and engage in self-care.
• Limit your news exposure.
• With children, limit exposure to media and give honest answers to their questions without going into too much detail.
• Light a candle or plant a tree to honor the lives of those lost. Or, deliberately acquaint yourself with the name and/or face of one of the victims and take action to honor that individual.

“We also need to learn and gain insight from a tragedy,” Chappell said. “If we don’t learn and change anything as a society, we truly don’t honor the lives lost.”

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