Club Horizon awarded Clubhouse International’s three-year accreditation

“This is the first time in history of Club Horizon we’ve ever gotten a perfect accreditation in the first stage of the process. This is a huge step,” said Club Horizon’s Program Director Karen Troup-Galley.accreditation SEAL

Troup-Galley said the members are thrilled about the accreditation.

“A lot of work goes into achieving this award. We have great pride in being part of a larger global community and were working hard to be the strongest clubhouse we can.”

In October 2014, Monarch announced its merger with Club Horizon, a community-oriented and restorative environment for persons living with and in recovery from severe and persistent mental illness. Monarch’s Club Horizon is one of only seven of the Clubhouse International accredited programs in North Carolina. Monarch currently operates five PSRs located throughout the state.

Pictured: Members and staff of Club Horizon and the Clubhouse International seal (right).